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Welcome on the website of the Kupers family.
We live in the North/East of the Netherlands in a small town called Nieuwe Pekela. We are situated approximently 40 km. from the North sea and 30 km. from the German border.

We own a herd of some 60 Boer goats 15 Nubians and a few Dutch White/Saanen and Dutch Bont goats. For us goatbreeding is mainly a hobby and above all a passion. Our aim is to breed the best goats in all breeds.
Our herd has a whide spread of pure bread genetics to avoid inbreeding and we try to keep up a high health standard. Our herd is:
certificated free of CAE
certificated free of CL
scrapie monitored
brucellosis free
Q fever vacinated
Johnes free (para tuberculosis)
During the more than 25 years of our involvement in goat breeding, goats from our herd found new owners all through Europe and even outside Europe.
When possible we bring the goats to the new owners ourseves this way we came to know breeders in various countries. Whith most of them we still are in touch.
There is a lot of information and pictures on the website and I will try to update on a regular basis.
hope you like what you see and if there are any questions please contact us. On the contact page are details on how to get to us.